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Dearest John, I went to the door today and the postman had delivered a Partridge in a Pear Tree. What a thoroughly delighted gift! I couldn't.

Lyrics to 'The 12 (Dirty) Days Of Christmas (Parody) - Dirty Christmas Carol Parody' by SUPER GEEK ME BABY: On The First day of christmas my true love gave.

TGF and one of her best pals were famous for perverting song lyrics, everything from ad jingles to Christmas carols. I never had the pleasure of.

The Feast of Christmas extends for 12 days. I've lived my whole adult life on an academic calendar, and that means I usually stumble into a little down time.

One of my favorite Christmas carols growing up was The Twelve Days of Christmas, but as I grew into an adult, the song made less and less.