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Mercedes, or simply Mercy Thompson's life was as perfect as she can get. She is a skinwalker, a rare species who can transform into coyote. Mercy was raised.

I could have titled this "Possible Vega Gull" or "Vega-like Gull" but I opted not to hedge. This bird seems to meet all criteria for an adult Vega.

by Shannan | Oct 29, Imagine your beloved grandfather dies of an illness and soon after you fall ill yourself. Your family members are whispering about the .

by Mary N.S. Richardson | Oct 30, Tokyo Ghoul: re is the sequel to Sui Ishida's hit horror manga, Tokyo Ghoul. The setting is a Tokyo not.

Monthly Archives: October Lots of little kids and a few adults go to this event in costume. Time for the first Readable Blog contest!.