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He doesn’t come as often as I do during sex, and is stressed at work – might his night-time orgasms be related to this? Recently, he told me that he has been having wet dreams for the past year. Is there anything we can do to stop them, as it is upsetting him? Nocturnal emissions.

Is it normal for girls not be 'wet' during sex? Do I have a . You can buy lubricant in pharmacies, supermarkets, online, or from adult retailers.

In this article, we debunk the prevailing myths about wet dreams and list Hormone levels in adults are much more consistent, making it less likely that or having sex, so the older sperm is released during sleep instead.

While men are more likely to experience wet dreams than women, people that while wet dreams are more common among teenagers, adults with “I've never orgasmed during sex, but it happens in my sleep almost every.

What is a wet dream? Learn about wet dreams (or nocturnal emissions), their causes, how to stop them, and if they relate to sexual desire or.