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Breastfeeding Your Husband or Intimate Partner breastfeeding your adult partner

Jul 7, Kate started breastfeeding her husband in her 50s as part of their sex life This is a common sentiment about adult breastfeeding—people talk.

Sep 20, Generally speaking, breastfeeding your husband, boyfriend, or partner is OK. It's not perverted or wrong if you want your spouse to breastfeed.

Aug 26, Ellie, 55, and Garett, 57, are in what's known as an “adult nursing . when you are feeding your child versus nursing my adult partner. I don't.

Jul 24, 'For me ultimately it is sexual and sensual, but it is also very important to me that I do find a true adult breastfeeding partner who has the.

Jun 15, My husband and I have been doing this for awhile. I know that there is quite a big community surrounding the ANR (Adult Nursing Relationships) fetish or.