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Cornell releases CU-SeeMe versionb2 for Windows 95 and NT, along with The the Cornell version of CU-SeeMe is not a mature production software.

CU-SeeMe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Reflector software. children connect to public reflectors, they shouldn't be exposed to adult content. Children .

CU-SeeMe Help site dedicated to quality information relating to aquiring, installation, The vast majority of the reflectors are free, but some of the adult reflectors.

I first got CuSeeMe from my best friend SRV, and I was what you would call,a lurker: no cam, scum of the earth, lots more annoying names hehehe. Well being.

To speed up transmissions and to minimize the impact on business use of CU- SeeMe, a number of the reflectors are exclusively used for adult transmissions.