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External tibial torsion can occur on its own or be associated with other medical In adults, tibial torsion can lead to difficulty running and may be a risk factor for.

External tibial torsion is usually a common cause of an out toe gait. The lower leg bone In an adult it is approximately 14 degrees external. TREATMENT.

Schwartz and Lakin [4] demonstrated with a computer model that an external tibial torsion deformity reduced the capacity of the soleus to.

Methods: Retrospective review of a case series of eight adult patients who Seven of the patients had very large external rotation deformities; one had a very . Femoral and tibial torsion were assessed with the patient supine and both the hip.

Introduction. An external rotational deformity of the lower extremity. in contrast to in-toeing, external rotational deformity may cause disability.