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Alternative feed options can help to buffer the impact of rising costs, especially when prices increase due to adverse climatic conditions.

There are different types of whey: liquid whey and dried whey. Acid whey is generally a liquid whey. The production of cottage cheese yields.

However, animal feed is by far the principal outlet for whey. limit its use to the feeding of young animals (calves or young pigs) or fattening pigs. it is evident that adult ruminants are able to use much larger quantities of whey or derived.

Paper I Whey permeate improved the feed conversion ratio of post .. the stable gut microbiome of an adult pig (Thompson et al., ).

Dried byproduct of ultrafiltration of whey, consisting of low-molecular weight Averages as fed / on DM / other unit . DE adult pig (kcal), , , kcal/kg, -.