How much blood is in the human body? What to know - how much blood does a average adult have


How Much Blood Is in the Human Body? | Live Science how much blood does a average adult have

Children: The average pound child will have about 2, mL of blood in their body, or gallons. Adults: The average adult weighing to pounds.

If you emptied the blood from a body, you could fill five soda bottles with it. The average adult has about to gallons ( to liters) of blood circulating children have about the same amount of blood as adults do.

How many pints does the average person have? Share on Pinterest An average adult has between 9 and 12 pints of blood in their body.

Does everyone have the same amount of blood? An average adult body with a weight of to pounds will contain approximately to liters ( to.

If it's an adult mouse then less then 2ml! If it's an adult elephant about litres. If it's an average human adult then Google “human blood volume” it should be.