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As Pablo Picasso said, we need to know the rules first before we can the word " stockings" generically, to refer to any sheer leg covering, whether pantyhose.

Sep 4, TWC: Yes and No Hose can be done right! Princess Kate has made pantyhose cool again. But you can't wear hose if you're wearing an open.

Jun 24, I think it's important that we don't cling to the rules our mothers taught us "just because that's the way it's always been done." If you find that brown and black is not a good combination for your skin tone, then don't wear it. Don't be a slave to fashion rules -- old or new.

What could be more feminine than a pair of silky smooth pantyhose? Here are the top 5 pantyhose rules for your male to female transformation.

Aug 16, There's a pair of tights for every dress and skirt you can think of, but before you put them on, there are a few rules you might want to consider.