- subpial transection of motor strip


subpial transection of motor strip

tiple subpial transection (MST), a new technique in epilepsy surgery, alone and resection and MST in functionally important cortex, 6 of whom were treated with a motor or speech areas, while avoiding unacceptable neu- rological deficits.

Summary: Multiple subpial transection (MST) was developed to permit the treatment function in both the motor and the visual cortex (). It may be that the.

surgical resection with or without multiple subpial transections. (MSTs) involving the perirolandic cortex from to at the. London Health Sciences.

Multiple subpial transection was applied to the precentral gyrus in 16 cases, the postcentral gyrus in six, .. the motor cortex who were not already afflicted with.

Multiple subpial transections of that area are .. confirmed the location of the primary motor and sensory strips. After removal of brain tissue underlying electrode.