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Since , we've been graced with so many comics about Ts and overly- confusing Dudley is in fact very much like Marcus from Terminator Salvation. .. How would you like to go have sex with your grandmother?.

All collected Terminator comics in original single issues publication order. All publishers Led by an adult John Conner, the Resistance has b More. Want to Read · 36 Ratings · 5 Reviews · published · 3 editions. This four- color.

The first Terminator comic book saw the light of the day in gloom, dark and gritty with very mature writing targeted for much older audience. . TERMINATOR: HUNTERS AND KILLERS () 3 issues.

So here is my defense of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Christian Bale's portrayal of an adult John Connor in Terminator: Salvation is too moody for my taste and turns the character into a Not even in the comic books.

After 30 years and hundreds of issues, Terminator comics tend to fall into one of three categories. There are of course movie adaptations, which.