Urban Dictionary: fluff-n-nut-her - marshmallow fluff and penis


HOW TO MAKE A PENIS CAKE marshmallow fluff and penis

I lived in France for 27 years and we had marshmallow fluff pretty much everyday. Is your penis detachable from your body? Zip it up until she.

like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, since removing them from body It's safe to smear pretty much any food on your partner's penis.

to go home. So basically I had marshmallow Fluff on my dick for about 3 hours. Next thing I know, I feel small claws on the tip of my penis.

when a guy applies marshmallow fluff to his penis and has a girl suck it off until he climaxes, at which point he busts his nut all over her. hence.

A male that has a soft, fat and short penis. As in the size and shape of a marshmallow.