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Smoked Goose Breast Recipe how to smoke goose breast

This marinated smoked goose breast recipe is rich in soy sauce and sweet molasses and an an absolute delight.

Sugar and chemical free smoked Canada Goose breast. Smoked over wood chips on a Weber kettle grill, the old fashioned way. Doing this.

Many people believe that goose meat is very tough to cook - so smoke it instead! Dan Hosford, host of The Working Man's Retriever, shows you.

A recipe for German smoked goose breast. This is a classic recipe is from Pomerania: Goose breast cured with juniper and smoked over beech.

Goose breast is marinated then smoked over a charcoal grill. If you don't have a smoker, regular grilling with propane or charcoal still tastes great!.