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Henry Wager Halleck James Lick, Miser and Philanthropist .. Born in rural Pennsylvania in , James Lick learned fine cabinetmaking from his father, and.

He submitted his report to the Lick trustees on March 4, 7 RSF to John Nightingale, May 23, , SLA. 8 D. O. Mills to ESH, Oct. 19, , SLA. 9 J. Henry.

The deceased was born in Fredericksburg on June 30, , and was the son of James Lick, the philanthropist, who died in San Francisco, CA in

Also notable for Skilled mountain guide who led James Longmire, John Muir.

directed by J. Henry Brady, rehearsed on Monday evenings on Fourth St., between James Bates Robin R. Harris MANN'S LICK Mann's Lick, near present .