Ex-Actress Who Played Three-Breasted Hooker in 'Total Recall' Spills All - three breasted prostitute in total recall


A Candid Conversation With Total Recall’s Original Three-Breasted Woman three breasted prostitute in total recall

One of the most memorable scenes from the film Total Recall is that of a three-breasted prostitute flashing her chest to Arnold.

After much speculation about the appearance of a three-breasted hooker in the new Total Recall, the mutant actress was officially unveiled at.

Three make-up artists spent eight hours a day applying a massive chest piece to Lycia Naff's torso for her role as the three-breasted hooker in.

I was the triple-breasted hooker from Mars! [Laughs.] They originally were going to give me four breasts, but the feedback was that I looked too.

by Tom Blunt. When I heard the new Total Recall had remained true to its predecessor by including a mutant three-breasted hooker (newcomer.