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SMOKE : I Just Don't Give A Fuck lyrics give a fuck lyrics

Well, boy, I don't give a fuck [Verse 2] I remember that weekend. When my best friend caught you creepin' You blamed it all on the alcohol.

I Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics: I don't give a fuck, tell them niggas I don't care / Let them know I'm not hard to find, if they're whining I'm right here.

Give A Fuck Lyrics: (Yeah, finally found a beat for this shit.) / Back in the days I gave a fuck but now I don't anymore / But some days I really wish.

I Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics: What's up? / — Yo, this scene: rollers tried to jack a nigga 'cause a nigga with a pearl rollin' on a Coupé with goldens / — Yo, man.

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