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Why Did Barry Diller Marry? is barry diller gay

The recent wedding of Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg epitomizes the media's convoluted approach to covering gay celebrities. I would.

"Meet Barry Diller's Hot Gay Facebook Friend" was the title of the post. Its few factual assertions can be summarized as follows: Diller has only.

'Barry Diller is gay, Barbara Walters a bad friend and Lee Radziwill a homophobe ': Legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith stops holding back.

This is from Confessions of A Gay Anchorman, TV personality Charles Dabney- Perez's new book: “In , Barry Diller married fashion.

she blames the magazine for destroying her marriage. Barry Diller, Von Furstenberg's current husband, is also widely believed to be gay.