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Polaris General Discussion > Thumb Warmer Wiring If Brown is ground is it safe to say that the helmet heater harness would be a good place.

Send a message via MSN to PolarisIndySKS On my sled, it still has the stock plugs for the hand and thumb warmers there and there are three connecters. How can I even . wiring diagram for thumb warmers snowmobile.

For Polaris (pre '95), Arctic Cat (pre '98), Yamaha (pre '94), Ski-Doo Tundra. Thank you For full throttle travel, make sure sufficient lead wire slack is allowed .

The wires are bare and they are Red, White, and Black. I'm going to cut the polaris connector off the stock hand warmers and wire it up to the SPI warmers Diagram is in the shop, so can't say which one is which right now.

The thumb warmer on all newer Polaris snowmobiles is a is coming from the switch and that the ground wire on the main harness is good.