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Anal Atresia, otherwise known as imperforate anus, is a birth defect that affects the The procedure needed will depend on the specific condition of each child. Many children have found families and the support and love that they need to.

Special Needs Guide. Anal Atresia/Imperforate Anus: Imperforate anus affects 1 in 5, births and is slightly more common in boys. Any of the following can.

Until we decided to pursue a special needs adoption from China I had never heard of anal atresia (more commonly called imperforate anus or.

Imperforate anus, also known as anal atresia, is a birth defect in which the lower bowel does not reach the outside of the body; there is no anal.

She has a beautiful family, 2 homegrown kids and 3 adopted kids. She offered to write about Mei's special need, imperforate anus, saying.