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Spiro Agnew's name is an anagram for: Grow a penis - Album on Imgur spiro agnew grow a penis

My anagram "gift" that turned Spiro Agnew into Grow a Penis has struck again. B. Jenner's "Caitlyn" anagrams to: "Any clit?" AM - 25 Aug.

Sprio Agnew is an anagram for "Grow a penis". penis". Spiro Agnew bitch and I' ll knock you down. Spiro Agnew thinks you're all pusillanimous pussyfooters.

Didn't Agnew. Didn't Agnew later get a pardon from one of the succeeding presidents? Spiro Agnew's name being an anagram for "grow a penis" is firmly engrained in popular culture, a glimpse of our modern zeitgeist where Agnew is.

Tuesday. Did you know that an anagram of Spiro Agnew is "Grow a penis?" Did you know that the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was.

Spiro Agnew anagrams. Rearranging the letters of 'Spiro Agnew' gives: Grow a penis. (by unknown) (). No rag wipes. (by Rick by hand) () (pending.