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Bay Area Reporter :: Burr, in the closet during TV career, comes to life in new book was raymond burr gay

Raymond William Stacy Burr (May 21, – September 12, ) was a Canadian-American –– Burr reportedly resented Warner Bros.' decision to promote her attachment to another gay actor, Tab Hunter, rather than him.

Hedda Hopper[edit]. Hedda Hopper was actor William Hopper's mother. She was a well known tabloid columnist who was.

Raymond Burr, who played Perry Mason in the wildly popular television show " Perry Mason" and later in "Ironside," lived a secret gay life in.

Now in paperback, the complete story of the actor's career, including his secret gay life. Raymond Burr () was an enigma. A film noir regular known for .

Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starr's lackluster biography doesn't do justice to ÞBut Raymond Burr was leading a secret gay life at a time in Hollywood when exposure would have been career suicide. To protect his secret Burr.