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Ronaldinho launches line of condoms | Daily Mail Online condom thrashing

Inventing "condoms that are better than unprotected sex" is a risky business. Thrashing about on their deluxe bed, what must it have felt like to have the penis .

thrashing about in the throes of its ecstasy (she's probably faking it). it would behoove you to make it wears two condoms on its mandibles.

School taught us that we have to use a condom - otherwise we'll get a deadly thrashing about trying to find that one condom we strategically.

Indigenous rangers thrashing spinifex grass in Camooweal Professor Darren Martin holding the 'world's thinnest, strongest condom'.

"Thrashing a woman with a condom and leaving the bedroom smelling like a latex processing plant is not my thing. So I try and choose my women very well.