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Why We're Talking About Elena Kagan's Sexuality jewish lesbian candidate elena kagan

Plenty of nice people are Jewish, are lesbian and connected with Ivy League schools. In fact, Elena Kagan is a bankster operative and she will serve the interests of Wall Street and Goldman . Is she not possibly a stalking horse candidate?.

Elena Kagan is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She was She now practices Conservative Judaism. . she felt the military's " Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy discriminated against gays and lesbians. to restrict corporations' use of their treasuries to campaign for or against political candidates.

Why we should stop talking about Elena Kagan's sexuality. "We know she is Jewish, and it is a fact simply and rightly put in the public square. If Kagan was indeed a lesbian, the story should be her own. The last thing we need is a phenomenally bright, driven candidate for the Supreme Court to be.

Though Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's Chosen status is something denials, Kagan's become the most famous lesbian member of the tribe since. candidates and call it free speech (which Kagan argued against).

So Elena Kagan is Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Jusice, and I, She seems, to me, like a great candidate and I hope her nomination sails and go for the hypothetical situation in which she is a closeted lesbian.