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Gormley statue of naked man offends Japanese Buddhist pilgrims - Telegraph antony gormley nude

Curated by Jane Neal, THE NUDE IN THE XX & XXI CENTURY comprised works from a selection of artists whose practices engage with the historic.

The nude body is one of the oldest and most frequent subjects in sculpture, but someone apparently thought Sir Antony Gormley's famous "Another Place" installation of sculptures of nude men was just too much. So they decided to spray paint clothes on some of the figures.

Five life-size "Naked Man" sculptures were mounted on the rooftops of City Hall lower block, Hip Shing Hong Centre, New World Tower II, St. George's Building and the Queensway Government Offices. A 'Naked Man' sculpture atop the Hip Shing Hong Center in Admiralty. Although Gormley.

A work of art by Antony Gormley, the British sculptor, has divided a community in rural Japan and pitted priest against priest along one of the.

An Antony Gormley sculpture in Edinburgh has had its modesty preserved after a mystery passerby on the Water of Leith dressed the naked.