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I can't masturbate in the shower! Sex. nsfw. Alright so I'm a 17 year old boy and one time when I watched American Beauty the main character there talked about .

It would be really convenient in terms of clean up if I could masturbate in the shower, but every time I've tried I haven't been able to cum.

Whereas I can't speak for the females, I happen to have many years of practice as a guy. If you are a guy, there can be a bit of a problem with the clean up if you.

Normally I masturbate on my bed while watching porn. But today I tried it in the shower, but I didn't ejaculate anything. I did get an erection and I did use some oil .

Hy joins in on Masturbation Monday with a tale of how she learned to I can't claim to know at that moment what was happening to my body.