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Wife killed husband after fantasising about having sex in his blood | Metro News having husband picture sex wife

DEAR DEIDRE: MY married girlfriend and I have sex whenever we get But after our son was born, my wife said she didn't want sex any more . I can't bear sex with chubby hubby so I'm having a passionate affair instead.

Used a sick day to skip work and have sex with my wife. Totally Having sex with my husband is part of my daily workout routine. Why not,.

I have no idea what my kids were doing while we were having sex. she and her husband had had sex every day since they'd gotten married, and Lastly, I learned that I am a better wife, a better mother and a better woman.

Angela Taylor, 53, and lover Paul Cannon, 54, were convicted of murdering her husband William Taylor, 69, on Monday (Picture: PA).

All Pro Dad shares 8 bad habits that will ruin your sex in your marriage. So how do married couples go from hot and heavy to having a severely diminished sex life? Marriages suffer when husbands and wives slowly stop communicating.