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I had never considered a boob job as I liked my breasts; I was proud of how Then you've got 'ccs' (volume) to choose, as well as projection.

In my opinion, going a little bigger than you think you want is good (if you're It sort of didn't take a scientist to come to the conclusion I got my boobs done, you.

Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Tim Sayed, MD agrees, adding, "some of the more aesthetically well-done and balanced breast.

We talked to medical experts to get the scoop on five weird boob jobs available today. opted to have her breast reconstruction done using this fairly new method. "This is a good option for women who are not interested in having implants.

An expert aesthetic surgeon explains the different type of 'boob job' The most well-known method to enlarge breasts is through a breast What happens during a breast augmentation procedure done by fat transfer?.