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Ryley Walker – 'I grew up deep white trash. I identify with Tesco' | Music | The Guardian nick drake sucks

This moron and Jeff Buckley both called it quits at the right time just in time for people eons later to declare their works brilliant. Sorry, but I'd.

That's really quite odd, as I was listening to Nick Drake this very morning. . fine, how is: 'I think he sucks, tell me why I'm wrong' then? am i allowed to ask that?.

Often considered the best folk rock artist of this time, none of Nick Drake's From The Morning by Nick Drake off of the album Pink Moon. "Nick Drake sucks!.

My apologies for interrupting the "your favorite band sucks" threads.. The quote below is from the head of Bryter Music, the Nick Drake estate.

I get that it sucks that Nick Drake didn't have any personal say about how his art was used, but hope that the wave of listeners it created would.