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Rectal perforation by compressed air pump air up anus

Man Suffers 'Rectal Blowout' After Friends Shove Air Compressor Up the nozzle of an air pump designed for tyres up his anus and hit inflate.

pumped air into his body by inserting a compressor into his anus. has been admitted in a critical condition to Patel Hospital in Jalandhar.

Did a year-old boy in Thailand die from having air pumped up his air pump hose into the youngster's anus then blew air through it, in the.

We all know those high pressure air pumps that can be found at gas stations or in factories, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to.

A Japanese man has died after his friend blew air up his anus using an air compressor in a 'prank' gone wrong. The friend - who has been.