Obama and Oh! Boehner, Propelled To Office By Opponents' Sex Scandals, Flail As Leaders - boehner sex scandal


Olberman predicts Boehner sex scandal — RT USA News boehner sex scandal

Progressives could use some positive political news, and here is the best I've heard in some time: John Boehner's speakership in the U.S.

The National Inquirer is reporting that New Speaker of the House John Boehner is embroiled in a sex scandal – involving at least two different.

Both of these “leaders,” Barack Obama, and John Boehner, were hurtled toward Washington, D. C. by sex scandals not involving them but rather their political opponents. John Boehner was propelled to the House of Representatives in by a sex scandal involving Ohio Congressman.

Does John Boehner Have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Congressional Sex after scandal since Boehner became the leader of the House GOP.

House Speaker John Boehner hasn't said much about Rep. Anthony Weiner's unfolding sex scandal, and he isn't likely to anytime soon.