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The Best ‘Deadwood’ Episodes, Ranked deadwood sex scene

Wild Bill died in Deadwood, shot to death in a scene captured at the in his bed as one of the prostitutes begins to perform oral sex on him.

Deadwood the best of Al Swearengen talking about love and sex. Ian McShane.

The second season of Deadwood kicks off with a bit of a bang. The first Tidbits: • We get a real, good sex scene between Alma and Bullock.

what a year, amirite? During each of the final days of the year, the Decider staff will be counting down our favorite and most memorable.

'Deadwood', one of HBO's most beloved series, is returning with a new movie. ( Though, we will admit, the scene where the sickly actor drifts off has . barging into Swearengen's office, fully nude and cock in hand; and.