- chel sexy


chel sexy

Hey guys, Same person who commission "Sexy Habbo Girl" commission me to draw Chel from The Road to El Dorado having a wardrobe.

The shading really accentuates her curves well.I also like the jade bangle she has,it looks slightly translucent. Great effort all round. Reply.

This took FOREVER to finish! Like over a month, so if you enjoy it, PLEASE say so. I shortened the song because I didn't think I had enough.

Chel gives Tulio a good time. "Sexy" 'Road To Eldarado" "Massage" "Cartoon" " Sex" "Kissing" "Princess" "Disney" "Chel" "Tulio".

I should draw Chel more often, I love her so much and she deserves more fanart! I just really wanted an excuse to have sexy, excited-to-see-the-world, native.