I Lost My Virginity My Freshman Year of College, and Man, Was It Awkward - virgins in college


The Twenty-Year-Old Virgins virgins in college

Movies like "American Pie" and "Blockers" make it seem like it's unusual to be a virgin in college — but that's really not the case.

These days, Nicole is thinking a lot about sex. Not the sex she's having but the sex she isn't. The sex she feels like she probably should have.

If we were to believe everything we saw in movies, we would think that virginity was worse than the bubonic plague. Thanks to sex-centered.

For the first three and a half years of college, I was a virgin. I was one of the only virgins in my group of friends and I always felt like it was written on my forehead.

In fact, one Her Campus survey of 2, college women found 43 percent were still virgins when they responded to the survey. If that's not.